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October 25, 2017

After mysteriously appearing on Amazon and at a significant discount no less, the Misfit Vapor-rised as quickly as it was listed from the online giant store. But today Misfit confirmed that the Vapor smart watch will ship on 31st October and limited quantities are available for order now.

The Misfit Vapor ($199.99) was originally announced in January with an in house OS, then clinched 6 CES awards back in March this year with confirmed Android Wear OS and it’s been a long wait since then; 7 months is an eternity in the wearable tech world. Samsung and LG have both announced their take on the smart watch along with juggernauts Apple with the Series 3 watches and the Fitbit Ionic.

misfit vapor on model hand

While the Misfit Vapor is largely identical to what was announced back in March, the confirmed edition will not have GPS but will display navigation data via connected mobile device, or what is more commonly known as connected GPS.

There’s also no confirmation on the battery life span. I’m guessing it should be the same as most Android Wear 2.0 devices at about 1-2 days depending on usage.

That aside, the Misfit Vapor is still a strong consideration if priced correctly.

Misfit Vapor Smart Watch features:

  • Touch screen smart watch
  • Compatible with iPhone® and Android™ phones
  • Standalone music player + storage that connects directly to wireless headphones
  • View and track heart rate with built-in sensor
  • Swim proof + water resistant up to 50m
  • Connected GPS displays run and activity routes, metrics and stats
  • On-display email, call, text, and app notifications + vibration alerts and alarms
  • Virtual Touch Bezel for seamless scrolling and navigating
  • Magnetic charger that ensures an all-day battery life
  • Powered by Android Wear™ 2.0. Full smart watch features
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Changeable watch straps

misfit vapor family

Misfit Vapor Smart watch is available in jet, stainless steel, rose tone and gold tone.

Source: Misfit Wearables

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