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October 24, 2016

Moov is no stranger to wearable tech having released the original Moov via crowdfunding, followed by an update release in the form of the Moov Now. Just a few days back, the company announced a third edition of their standalone tracker titled Moov HR.

The Moov HR fitness tracker tucks snugly underneath a provided sweat band or swim cap and measures heart rate from the forehead region with Moov’s own Pulsevision technology.moov hr tucked-under-headbandBesides heart rate measurements, Moov HR also uses advanced motion tracking in 3D space to monitor exact body movements and provide real-time audio coaching to push your limit while improving form.

The Moov HR will also function like a Bluetooth HR monitor and sync with compatible 3rd party mobile apps if Moov’s mobile app is not your cup of tea.moov hr lady-after-running-statsThe key is really Moov’s real-time audio feedback that coaches you through a variety of HIIT workouts within your target heart rate zone right on your mobile device so that you can burn more calories in less time, and melt fat long after your workout is complete.moov hr sweat-in-packThere is actually only one version of the Moov HR fitness tracker though the company is packaging it into 2 versions; one to ship with a sweat band and the other that ships with Moov’s swim cap. The option to buy more swim cap or sweat band will be available in the future.

I had both the original Moov and the Moov Now and felt this was a niche product that required a closed ecosystem kind of use. The company did make some headway towards 3rd party app compatibility by announcing syncing of Moov stats with Health Kit, Strava and MapMyFitness; hardly impressive considering the number of mobile apps available on the market these days.moov hr -mobile-appAlso, while the mobile app provided videos of exercises I could work out too along with audio coaching, I found the mobile app less than compelling. To me, both the Moov and Moov Now were strictly devices to rely on during workouts only.moov hr tracking-swimBut the Moov HR fulfils a different purpose, it functions as a heart rate monitor that supposedly provides more accurate heart rate measurements based on Moov’s own research and tests. The head band’s not something I’m crazy about though the potential to measure heart rate during swimming put this on par with Garmin’s HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri and those 2 wearables are chest strap based! Now the Moov HR has my attention.

For a limited time only, the Moov HR is going for an introductory price of $59.95 instead of the retail $99. The units will ship from February 2017.

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