Nike+ Fuel App now tracks without Fuelband

February 14, 2015

Screen capture from Apple App Store.

If you ever felt left out while your fitness friends go on and on about Nike Fuel, your time has come. Starting today the Nike+ Fuel app, available on the Apple App store, can utilise Apple’s motion sensors for tracking your movement throughout the day. Specifically, those who have iPhone 5S or newer.

The Nike+ Fuel app is one of the more vibrant fitness app whose sole draw lies in the provision of a challenging and gamified experience for the user, all in the name of Nike Fuel.

I think if there’s a way not to splurge on a tracker and still get the best of the data tracking and analysis experience, Just do it.

With the support for Apple’s motion sensors, Nike joins Fitbit, Withings, Jawbone in the provision of a powerful fitness and health app experience without the need for purchase. Users can always spend money after trying the various apps.

No such luck for Android platform users.

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