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January 9, 2018

The new Nokia Sleep pad works similarly to Beddit, Sleepace Reston, or Emfit QS sleep monitoring systems – by placing the sensor pad beneath the mattress while it gets to work. Sleep sensors of this sort does not require the user to wear any further devices which may affect sleep comfort. While Withings had an Aura sleep monitoring system a few years back, this new version released after acquisition by Nokia appears to be slimmer and priced way more competitively.

As mentioned earlier, the pads slip under the mattress and appear to require a direct power source via a plug. Also, press videos seem to suggest that the pad is wide enough to fit only one person and dual pads may be required for a couple keen in tracking their sleep, albeit seperately.

nokia sleep pad fit

The Nokia sleep pad is able to determine sleep cycles, track heart rate and even detect snoring! So you can no longer get away with feigning ignorance about not disrupting your partner’s sleep.

The Sleep sensing pad bets heavily on Wifi which allows communication between the pads and other compatible smart devices. For example, the lights may be automatically turned off via IFTTT recipes when the user climbs into bed at night. Or the thermostat may be automatically adjusted upon waking, just by the user getting out of bed.

While innovative in concept, I trust it’d be funny if the lights do turn on and disturb your partner when you visit the loo in the night.

nokia sleep tracked stats

The tracked sleep stats will sycn via a the Health Mate mobile app which will provide analysis of sleep quality along with an 8 weeks personalised programme.

I’m guessing Nokia intends to offer a complete health and fitness solution with its stable of products which include weighing scales, fitness tracking watch, blood pressure monitors and so on.

MacRumours has listed the pricing of the Nokia Sleep pad at $99 but the device is not available at present. You can sign up at Nokia to be updated when sales open.

Source: Nokia, MacRumours

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