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January 9, 2018

Omron is a Japanese company more known for its blood pressure monitors and pedometers. At CES today, the company announced a breakthrough innovation with the first wearable oscillometric wrist blood pressure monitor known as Omron HeartGuide. It’s a pretty interesting name wouldn’t you say?

The innovation comes in the form of an inflatable cuff watch band which measures systolic and diastolic pressure from the wrist via oscillometric measurement – the only FDA-recognized standard for accurate, automated blood pressure measurement at home.

omron heartguide feature

It’s certainly commendable what Omron has accomplished with the HeartGuide wearable. Blood pressure monitoring used to be reserved for klunky machines which you can’t bring anywhere. Innovation in the form of mini BP monitors didn’t quite help as well. But remaking the wrist worn BP monitor to resemble the Omron HeartGuide makes monitoring convenient. In fact, as convenient as wearing a watch!

With the HeartGuide, Omron has filed over 50 technological patents for the components used within the wrist worn blood pressure monitor watch. According to Omron, it’s no mean feat to miniaturise the components with some measuring no larger than a grain of rice!

“The wearable HeartGuide tracks sleep quality, and can be programmed to take a blood pressure reading while you sleep. Heart attack risk is higher in the last phase of sleep and in the morning. Checking blood pressure during sleep is an important option for hypertensive patients and an advancement in our pursuit of Going for Zero,” said President and CEO, Ranndy Kellogg.

Along with the new HeartGuide wearable, Omron is also giving its smartphone app a new face lift. The app, which works via Bluetooth with Omron’s connected heart health devices, including the HeartGuide, Omron Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG and the EVOLV, allows the user to easily view recorded via charts and graphs in order to observe trends over time.

CNET has reported that the Omron HeartGuide wearable is presently undergoing clinical tests and will likely retail for the price of $349 when it’s eventually FDA cleared.

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