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December 26, 2016

Otterbox is the company more commonly known for their line of protective and waterproof (depending on series) casings for mobile devices.  Two weeks back, the company announced the availability of their Bluetooth earphone ($99.95) as part of a line of series of accessories that further enable the on-the-go lifestyle. The Otterbox Bluetooth earphones will ship with DECIBULLZ custom molds.Otterbox Bluetooth earphones in story feature

Otterbox Bluetooth earphones features

  • Custom DECIBULLZ molds fit your ears for ultimate comfort and superior noise isolation
  • Superior sound powered by OtterBox
  • Metal housing and connectors for lasting durability
  • Extended strain relief protects against breaking
  • Tangle-resistant braided nylon avoids getting tied into knots
  • Multi-function controls for ease of use
  • Magnetic connect and controls
  • Long battery life up to 4 hours talking, 3.5 hours playing and 150 hours standby
  • Includes 3 ear inserts (S/M/L) and carrying case

Otterbox Bluetooth earphones with magnetic connectorThe Bluetooth Earphones comes with two modes of control. Magnetic controls on the earphones turn the audio device off when connected, and in line button controls make it easy to take calls, play/pause music, power up and down and more when in use.

Anyone who’s used earphones before will understand how the wires mysteriously knots up when thrown into your pockets or bags. Otterbox understand this and have covered their earphone wires in tangle-resistant braided nylon.

Users will also appreciate the DECIBULLZ molds which block out ambient sound and are remold-able to fit the user’s ears closely. Otterbox Bluetooth earphones with DECIBULLZ moldBattery life is listed at 3.5 hours for music playing and up to 4 hours when used for talking; not exactly lengthy by today’s standards.

Besides the Otterbox Bluetooth earphones, the company has also announced the availability of a Bluetooth audio adaptor, USB chargers and utilitiy sleeves for laptop protection.

Source: Otterbox

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