Philips Health Wearables

August 1, 2016

Announced  nearly 10 month ago, the Philips health wearables availability was confirmed today.  The entire suite of wearables range from a watch with optical heart rate sensors to connected blood pressure monitors and Philip’s own Health Suite mobile app.

All designed with the sole purpose of utilising hard stats to encourage you towards sustainable behavior change. Let’s take a with the mobile app, consumers can expect 4 other pieces of hardware including a health watch ($299.99), a body analysis scale ($119.99), upper arm blood pressure monitor ($119.99) and an ear thermometer ($59.99). All of these 4 devices sync wirelessly with Philips’ Healthsuite mobile app.

What seperates Philips health wearables from the other fitness trackers is that their products are medical grade. Coupled with the fact that Philips’ personal health programs are developed with leading medical experts and psychologists, I’m sure we can look forward to an all new tracking experience.Philips-health-watchWhile the connected body analysis scale, blood pressure monitor and ear thermometer sound impressive, I had my eyes on the Philips Health Watch.

The Health Watch is designed as a medical device and the accuracy of measurements and algorithms are validated clinically. When most fitness tracker companies will state that their devices should not be used as a medical device, Philips can lay claim to this term based on their extensive healthcare and consumer lifestyle expertise.

List of features of the Health Watch:

  • High resolution monochrome display
  • Automatic recognition for walking, running and biking
  • Automatically estimate resting respiration rate
  • Tracks steps, active minutes, calories and sleep
  • Personalised health guidance
  • Syncs with Philips health app
  • Track heart rate continuously
  • 4 days battery life
  • Water resistant to 1 ATM
  • Clinically validated

The newly announced products are available for purchase from Philips website or Amazon.

Source: Business Wire

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