PIQ Multi Sport Sensor for Golf

July 1, 2015

If you play golf, or intend to, PIQ has got the ware to improve your game. The Golf wearable is only the first of many multi sport sensor from PIQ, a subsidiary of Octonion, a Swiss company specialising in software and services related to sensors.

The PIQ sensor weighs a mere 10g and is made of waterproof hypoallergic elastomer fitted with gyroscope, accelerometer, magnetometer and pressure sensor.


Analyse every swing with metrics like tempo ratio, swing path and club head speed and benchmark your results with the perfect PIQ score of 10,000.


The PIQ sensor also displays the remaining distance to the green with its LED display matrix which is optimised for outdoor viewing. Easily attach the PIQ sensor to your golf gloves with the glove clip.


The bundled Mobitee accessory effortlessly tracks your shots using GPS. The shot, club used and yardage is stored in the mobile app for review with live shot tracking. Mobitee is a mobile app that has mapped close to 38,000 golf courses Golf courses world wide.

Promotional video and pictures from PIQ hint at future sensor releases for sports such as tennis, football, skiing, basketball, fencing and even boxing!


The PIQ sensor with Mobitee Golf accessory is available for pre-order for a limited time at 199 euros. You may read more here.

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