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March 16, 2017

The Polar H10 chest strap heart rate monitors are now officially available at Polar online stores and Amazon for the cool price of $89.95. You can pre-order at most online sports focused retail outlets. You may also check out my user review here.

Singaporeans who are keen to get your hands on the Polar H10 can do so with Polar Singapore.
polar h10 on female model

Polar H10 features:

  • Most “accurate” heart rate monitor in Polar’s history
  • Can receive OTA software updates
  • Bluetooth Low Energy
  • 5 kHz transmission frequency
  • Waterproof 30 m, suitable for swimming
  • Built-in memory with Polar Beat for one training session
  • New Polar Pro chest strap with anti-slip silicon dots and secure buckle
  • User replaceable battery coin cell CR2025 battery
  • Compatible with dozens of leading fitness apps, including Polar Beat
  • Compatible with old and new Polar products (that use either BLE or 5kHz)
  • Compatible with indoor gym equipment and Polar Club and Polar Team solutions
  • Battery life of up to 400 hours with BLE and 5 kHz transmission active

The key feature is the built-in memory of the H10 which is compatible with Polar Beat mobile app only at present. It allows the user to start work out with the mobile app, leave the app on, and post-sync at the end of the workout. This would be a bonus for those who do not like to go about exercising with the pesky mobile devices.

Likewise, you can think of swim workouts which can be started right from your mobile devices and synced thereafter!

The new H10 will also ship with a new chest strap that includes extra interference-preventing electrodes to ensure heart rate is captured accurately and without interference. According to Polar, this is the most accurate heart rate monitor in the company’s history.

The connectivity with compatible GoPro action cams further allow users to overlay their HR data over recorded video, again similar to what Garmin has done with their ANT+ enabled HRMs and VIRB action cams.

“Adding heart rate data over action videos not only enhances the Polar experience for adventurers, but also enables them to truly showcase and relive their athletic accomplishments”, says Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar.

Polar’s H7 has been a trusted device of mine which I regularly use as the benchmark to compare optical HR devices against. I’m unsure if the H10 can get much more accurate than the H7 since I’m just a layman. But it definitely enchances the usability of chest strap HR sensors with the inclusion of built in memory for Polar Beat, 5Khz transmission and compatibiity with GoPro actioncams.

Source: Polar


  • Reply Prometheus March 18, 2017 at 7:50 am

    The accuracy will come in for use with HRV. Check out sweetwater or elite HRV.

    • Reply Michael S March 18, 2017 at 8:36 pm

      Thanks for the comment. HRV is already feasible with H7 and multiple other chest strap HR monitors. Was hoping to understand the improvements in accuracy of the H10 over the H7.

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