Polar Loop New Colours

May 28, 2014

Back in March when I reviewed the Polar Loop, I lamented about the lack of colours. Fast forward 2 months, Polar has released 2 new colours to add to the original Smokey Black. The new colours are Misty Blue and Blackcurrant. Mysterious with a tinge of fruitiness.

The Polar Loop fills the gap between those who are serious enough to dabble in the science of heart rate zone training and those who just want to track their activity level throughout the day; best of both worlds.  Polar Loop was one of the earlier models of wearable activity trackers to offer heart rate sensor pairing on top of the ubiquitous step counting and sleep tracking. Was it a runaway success? Only time will tell.

loop trio

Polar Loop, Black currant, Misty Blue and Smokey Black.

If the lack of colours was holding you back from putting your money down for the Polar Loop, hopefully the two new colours will make a convert out of you. Then again if you’re buying a tracker because of the colour…well whatever floats your boat.

The new Polar Loop coloured bands are currently on sale at for $109.95. While you’re at it, you might want to get yourself a H7  heart rate sensor in black, blue or pink at $79.95. I’m wondering when Polar will offer the replacement band only…


H7 Heart rate senor in pink, blue and black.

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