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March 23, 2019

Polar announced 3 days ago that both their most current heart rate monitors (HRMs), OH1 and H10, will receive ANT+ compatibility via firmware update to be made available later.

polar OH1 with goggle
Screen extract from Youtube.

There is also a version of the optical HR sensor called the Polar OH1+, currently available, which is essentially the same device internally as the OH1 but comes with a swim goggle clip for swimming use.

It reads HR from temple when used with the swim goggle clip.

polar OH1 swim slip
Screen extract from Youtube.

This may make training more convenient for those of you out there who lament the slipping of the Polar H10 when you flip turn in the water.

For a while now, the lack of ANT+ compatibility on Polar’s devices the last few years has left users with predominantly ANT+ training equipment in a lurch. The promise to enable ANT+ for the Polar OH1 and H10 will no doubt breathe life into both devices and make more than a few users happy, me included.

The Polar H10 is currently the single HRM on the market that officially offers:

  • 2 x Bluetooth smart connection
  • ANT+ (released)
  • On board recording
  • Gymlink (Displays HR on compatible gym equipment such as treadmills)
polar oh1 and h10

For me personally, I use these devices for team use and definitely welcome ANT+ since it offers more solid connection based on my personal experience. My only grip is that the Polar team app does not allow individual customisation of HR zones but uses pre-set options.

The ANT+ firmware for the Polar H10 has since been released.

Source: Polar

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