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January 5, 2017

Polar just added an entirely new category to their wearable line up. The introduction of the team Polar shirt could signal a further move away from individual chest worn heart rate monitor straps usually worn beneath jerseys into a more comfortable telemetry experience for coaches and players. team pro shirt gps sensor and transmitterThe form fitting shirt will hold a GPS sensor near the back collar which will provide GPS data such as speed, acceleration and distance covered. This same sensor will also send heart rate data to the Team Polar Pro system when connected. team pro shirt sensorThe interior of Polar Team Pro Shirt features two thin, unobtrusive heart rate capture points built directly into the fabric, which track heart rate metrics as well as remove the added bulk of a heart rate unit. The placement of the heart rate capture strips is just below the chest on the left, and on the right back.Both sensors work in tandem to provide real time training data to the Polar Team Pro system on the coach’s iPad for analysis into player’s performance on field, workout load or recovery rate.

The Polar Team Pro shirt is designed specifically for use with Polar’s Team Pro system. With sensors embedded or placed in less obtrusive locations, this should be welcomed by pro athletes.

Polar is just about the only company on the market which has a heavy focus on team systems and individual wearable tech. Having used their Team Polar system, Polar GoFit and seen the Team Polar Pro at work, I’m convinced the company knows what they’re doing with regard to wearables for team usage.  Their wearable hardware and team software partnership isn’t flawless but is about as good as it gets.

The Polar Team Pro shirt will be available in March this year in light grey. Sizes range from male S – XL with additional sizes available in May.

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