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November 24, 2017

Polar V800 is long overdue for an update but the watch is still receiving feature updates even 3 years after release! Early this year, Polar announced compatibility with GoPro cameras and the V800 acted as a remote of sorts. Now the grand dame of performance sports wear from Polar is getting Strava Live segments via an update; a feature reserved only with a premium subscription and a top of the range wearable.

Polar V800 promo shot with Strava

It’s a nice thought but adding action cam remote functions along with Strava Live segments hardly provide enough ammo for the V800 against the throng of devices from Polar’s competitors, Apple and Fitbit included.

This V800 support update also includes compatibility with the arm worn OH1 optical HR sensor which can now work in tandem with the former to perform fitness tests; this feature was only executable with chest strap HR monitors previously.

My only guess is Polar is using the V800 as a testing bed for features that will be present in the rumoured V830. Of all of Polar’s wearables, the V800 is the single wearable to receive GoPro compatibility and Strava Live segment.

polar v800 ecosystem

With their in house optical HR sensors, Polar has progressed from the A360 to the M200, M600 and finally the runner focused M430. Naturally all day HR measurements from the wrist is a given for V800’s update. Core fitness tracking functionality has to knock the socks off the competition along with other peripheral features Polar can pack into the super watch.

I’m still holding out for a suitable wearable despite having seen the latest offerings the last year. My ideal wearable would resemble the Suunto Spartans, be chockful of features like the Garmin devices, whip up all day activity tracking like Fitbit, and intuitive in terms of use like the Apple Watch.

I just hope I don’t cave during this Black Friday and buy something I’d regret.

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