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August 26, 2018

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The secretive Polar Vantage line was finally announced a week back and response has been positive so far. In comparison to the watches from Polar in the last 4-5 years such as the V800, M430, M400 and M200, the Vantages look absolutely bounds ahead. The last time we saw such a huge marketing effort from Polar was when they announced the V800. Even then, it wasn’t so massive in scale. Delivery of the Vantage watches on multiple sources (Western Bike, Clever Training) point towards a late September or October availability. 

The main difference between the 2 editions boil down to 5 key features in the Polar Vantage V model ($499.95) which is absent in the M edition ($279.95):

  1. Barometer
  2. Orthostatic test
  3. Touch display
  4. Recovery Pro
  5. Running power from the wrist

Despite the differences, you’d agree with me that both watches are more than capable training devices for the average joe to the elite athlete. Also, it would be wise to bundle your Vantage purchase with a Polar H10 chest strap HR monitor if you’re buying the ‘V’ edition otherwise you’d be losing out on the orthostatic test and Recovery Pro function.

Polar has provided a good product comparison page for you to make sense of both watches so make sure you check it out.

polar vantage V from IG sources

Unfortunately for Polar, the reach of the product announcement seemed to have been drowned out by the new Apple Watch Series 4. Nevertheless, I’m sure there’s a dedicated group of Polar loyalists who have been hungry since the V800 days!

So should you buy the Vantage V or the Vantage M? If running power is a huge consideration for your training needs, the Vantage M will need to be connected to 3rd party accessories such as the Stryd running power meter ($199). And the combined cost will now be $469.95, just $30 shy of an actual Vantage V. Plus you lose out on the 5 features I listed above.

polar vantage M from IG sources

However if running power means little and you’re happy to buy into Polar’s improved wrist HR tech without the need for recovery metrics and barometer, then the Polar Vantage M should more than suffice. It’s a triathlon capable watch priced in the same bracket as the Suunto Spartan Trainer.


I’ve been keeping a close tab on the new Polar flagship wearables which is to replace the venerable V800 and trusty M430. Never got to publishing a post as there weren’t picture but just yesterday full blown pictures were posted by online retailers which were subsequently removed. The age of the internet is such that anything online can be screen grabbed and subsequently shared. So to all the sources, thank you very much. What we know for sure is there are 2 models; a Polar Vantage V and a Vantage M. Everything else is still pretty much in the grey since no one has officially come out and shown a hands on video of the new Polar watches as yet.

I’ll list the information in summary so it’s easy for reference and quick read. Will continue to populate with whatever I find online and list all the sources at the end.

12th September

polar vantage v from front

Shot from the front where you can clearly see the watches. Screen grab taken from IG.

Second update 11th September

Polar vantage on anniethorisdottir

Probably the clearest shot of the Polar Vantage worn by Annie Thorisdottir at the same event. Doesn’t look too big, good indication of size. Screen grab taken from @correremagazine.

11th September

Polar Vantage event in UK

So this happened as posted in Polar UK & IRE Twitter account.

Update 6th September

polar vantage photoshoot with athlete

Building the hype and teasing Polar fans big time.

Third update 5th September

Managed to download the video and re-posted it. The link was posted by Appelmoessite.

Polar vantage outline

Did a video still and photo-shopped it to see the bezel markings, differences in buttons and straps between the 2 Vantage variations. Everything is checking out as per previous leaks.

Second update 5th September 

Polar vantage subscription peek

You can go to and officially register your interest to know the latest developments. For all the hype that Polar’s building up, I sure hope they’ve got a beast of a wearable to unveil, and hopefully before the 13th September.

Apple’s having their own event on the 12th September and we know Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the items to be showcased. Once that hits news and media outlets, we all know who they’d rather focus their efforts on.

Update 5th September

polar vantage v pixelated

Polar did “unveil” the Vantage 2 days ago on their social media platforms. Check out the pixelated watches on these guys! 😛 (Screen grab of @Polarglobal IG posts)

Update 1st September

Polar orchestrated a concurrent post across 6 IG accounts. @polarglobal, @polar_de, @polar_france, @polarspain, @polaritalia, @polarbenelux.

A watch emoji followed by #polarstaytuned. You have our attention Polar, something big’s coming real soon!

‏Update 31st August from Appelmoessite

Polar vantage v physical

Second update on 30th August (Specs)

  • GPS with barometer
  • Optical HR sensor with 4 electrodes and 9 LEDs (green, red)
  • Up to 40 hours battery life with maximum precision; GPS and optical HR enabled.
  • Running power from the wrist.
  • Training load and Recovery Pro.

Update 30th August:

  • The micro site Polar Vantage will be up and populated with more information come Monday 3rd September.
  • Orange model will only be available on Polar official stores.
  • Polar Flow platform will see feature updates.
  • A Polar Demo event has been confirmed, supposedly in Netherlands, on the 3rd October in which units Polar Vantage untis will be sold. I couldn’t find much details on this.


polar vantage V orange

White, black and orange versions appear to float around on Polar’s lastest Youtube video made available on 24th August 2018 only. You have to be really focused to notice it. The only orange watch in Polar’s arsenal now is the M430 and what’s in the video certainly doesn’t look M430-like. polar vantage V white and black

So Polar Vantage V will come in 3 colours – black, white and orange. Actual available display seems pretty small as the bezel appear to have taken up quite a bit of display estate.

polar vantage m white and blackThe Polar Vantage M will apparently come in black, white and red. No screen grabs for this, more from leaks by


Polar Vantage V GPS Multisport Watch ($499):

Multi-sport watch with 5 buttons

Optical HR sensors

Touch enabled Gorilla Glass colour display

Black, white or orange

Polar Vantage M GPS Watch ($279):

Non touch colour display, 5 buttons

Optical HR sensors

Black, red or white only


Apparently anywhere from 29th September to mid November 2018. I’m leaned towards early October for official availability. 3rd October seems to be popping up quite a bit.

It’s certainly wrapping up to be an exciting end to 2018 with Garmin having announced their Fenix 5 Plus line, then there’s the Suunto 9 Baro, and now Polar’s Vantage(s). Let’s not forget the soon to be announced Apple Watch Series 4 as well rumoured to be on the 12th September. There’s a lot at stake for Polar.

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  • Reply Niek Verwoerd September 6, 2018 at 1:57 pm

    What is the source about the event in the Netherlands? I cant find anything! If it is happening I want to see if I can join. Thank you for your reply.

    • Reply Michael S September 6, 2018 at 8:21 pm


      The source is Appelmoessite. Like you, I too couldn’t find anything but decided to leave it as it is.

      I did find links to this event instead for 13th September, a date slated for Vantage announcement, where Polar has an exhibitor’s stand. As to whether you’ll see both Vantages there, can’t confirm.

      Hope that’s helpful.

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