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December 3, 2016

While there are hundreds of fitness trackers designed to encourage the user to be more active, the number of wearables that is focused on better posture is few and far. The more notable ones would be Lumolift, Upright, and Zikto. Few weeks back, I chanced upon an Estonia based company that focuses on posture correction and their Poze wearable.

The company listed their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and have raised more than 10 times their target to date. The promise is that after 3 weeks of regular use of the Poze, your back muscles will be well trained to the point where standing and sitting upright becomes normal.

The Poze device is surprisingly simple in concept. You either paste it below your collarbone with the provided hypoallergenic stickers or clip it to your shirt. Turn on the Poze device and the in built accelerometer will “lock” in your ideal posture and that’s it. Once you’re off this posture by 15 degrees for more than a minute, the Poze would vibrate.poze-featureRunning up to a year on a cell battery, Poze does not require charging. Also, there are not mobile apps nor complicated instructions. There is only one button that turns on and switches off the device. Put simply, turn on and go.

While it sounds simple, I’m unsure of the reception upon usage. Posture is a complex issue. Firstly, I observed that most people experience discomfort around their neck area due to the way they lean their heads off center to view mobile devices; even while standing tall. Secondly, you start with 20 minutes a day which builds up to 3-4 hours, thus the lack of any stat capturing capability also meant the Poze is unable to count the number of times you’re off your correct posture. But most importantly, the Poze will not receive firmware updates. WYSIWYG. poze-feature-2I have my reservations but I’m intrigued enough to fund this tiny device.

I’ve used the Lumolift and am reviewing the Upright presently and both respective devices provides feedback in the form of tracked stats in mobile apps. Poze bucks the trend and focuses on no frills practicality; no apps, no data. The device learns the upright posture and reminds you when you’re off. Perhaps less is more might work after all.

The recommended retail price is $68 but you can still net a unit with discount at Poze’s Indiegogo campaign.

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