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September 4, 2015


Razer has released the newest version of its Nabu series of tracker bands. If you’ve forgotten, first there was Razer Nabu which was released to developers and never really saw commercial release, then the economically priced Nabu X, now the finalised Nabu. There are minor improvements but the fitness tracker band design stays with the iconic black and green associated with Razer.


Compared to its predecessors, there’s equal focus on both the fitness tracking and social aspect of the Nabu band. Also, Razer seem to be riding on the Zombie wave that people can’t seem to get enough of. Razer’s promotional video shows you why the less fit becomes Zombie food while those who bother to stay active jog by happily. C’est La Vie.


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There’s only a single OLED screen on the Nabu band which is to be worn on the inside of the wrist.  A single button controls all functions. 3rd part app connectivity has been beefed up and you’d be happy to know that Apple Health, Google Fit and MapMyFitness are some of the mobile apps that will work with the Nabu. The Nabu band can also be used as a remote control for compatible iOS devices so you can set it up to play music or take pictures.


The mobile app has undergone a major revamp and closely resembles that of other fitness tracker companies. Social features like exchanging social media information through handshakes still remain the exclusive domain of Razer’s. There’s word that the Razer Nabu band can detect other users in close proximity for more fun ways of connecting with others and the world around. I’m assuming it’s a game of sorts. (Think Zombie) That also means there must be a sizeable number of people wearing the Nabu band for the social media functions to be of use.

List of features:

  • Tracks steps, calories, distance, active minutes, sleep and set goals
  • Single OLED 128 x 16 screen, up to 6 days battery life
  • Stores up to 5 days of data, syncs wirelessly
  • Phone remote control for iOS devices
  • Rain, sweat, splashproof
  • Vibration enabled for alarms and notifications

Comparison sheet for Nabu and Nabu X. Screen capture from

Razer has prepared a fact sheet detailing the differences between the Nabu and Nabu X. While the Nabu X retailed for $49.99 and features a detachable tracker module, the Razer Nabu is going to set you back $99.99. Essentially you’re paying for the OLED screen. Razer is bucking the trend when most trackers are including heart rate monitoring capabilities in their premium line of trackers. Only time will tell who’s right.

The Razer Nabu will be available from 1st October 2015 at the recommended retail price of $99.99. Read more here.

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