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November 25, 2017

Samsung’s Gear S3 received a firmware update in recent days that promises to make an impressive device outstanding. The 258 MB update will bring Tizen 3.0 to both Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier.

samsung gear s3 fitness dials

The fitness tracking features have been bumped up. For starters, there’s improved accuracy in real time heart rate monitoring along with a more effective nutrition management control right on the watch.

samsung gear s3 in story feature

Previously, owners of the Samsung Gear S3 can watch the exercise programs from the connected mobile apps on a TV while they use the smart watch to track their workouts. That feature has also been enhanced to enable users to further control the displayed content and even overlap real time heart rate right on the TV.

Fitness focus aside, the smart watch aspect of the Gear S3 has also been given a boost. Contacts can now be created directly on the smart watch along with events and reminders. Checklists created on connected mobile devices can also be viewed and edited.

There are also some aesthetics improvements that aim to make the user interface more intuitive. For example, the perimeter of the display has been utilised to display more information ranging from name of contact, detailed weather information or the amount of time left before an alarm goes off.

Source: Samsung, Sammobile

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