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January 10, 2018

Scosche Rhythm+ stormed into the wearable scene a few years back and became an established brand for those looking for alternatives to the pesky chest strap HR monitor. They were the only company then to offer Bluetooth and ANT+ compatibility coupled with biometric sensors backed by Valencell. Fast forward to CES 2018 and the company is ready to announce an upgrade. Meet the Scosche Rhythm 24.

Scosche Rhythm 24 running

The upgrade to the dated Scosche Rhythm+ basically plugs all the shortcomings such as short battery life, lack of water resistance and on board recording. The new Scosche Rhythm 24 also include a new HR tracking mode for swimming along with an IP68 water resistance.

The Scosche Rhythm 24 will continue to boast both Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ compatibility so triathletes who need to connect their HR monitors to cycling computers, power sensors and so on can rejoice.

Scosche Rhythm 24 features:

  • PerformTek sensor technology backed by Valencell
  • On board data recording
  • Compatible with 3rd party mobile apps such as Strava, Runkeeper and many more.
  • 24 hour battery life
  • IP68 water resistance rating
  • 5 changeable training modes and 2 multi-sport modes for biathlon and triathlon
  • Usable for swimming

Scosche Rhythm 24 swimming

The surprising feature here is the presence of HR monitoring for swimming as shown in both press release and press images. It’s a bold claim that is unheard of and if it does work as Scosche claims, it’s a game changer. I do look forward to reviewing the Scosche Rhythm 24 when it’s available.

I’ve had great experience with the Scosche Rhythm+ for the last few years and even used it for group fitness training when coupled with an off the shelf 3rd party app such as SelfLoops. The new Scosche Rhythm 24 will no doubt meet the needs of those looking for accurate HR monitoring without the handicap of wrist worn wearables.

And like it’s predecessor, there will also be changeable elastic armbands in a variety of colours. There’s no word on pricing as yet but the new Scosche Rhythm 24 will be available in Spring at Scosche or major online retailers.

Looks like it’s going to be an interesting war of optical HR armbands with Polar, Wahoo and now Scosche all having shown their cards.

Source: Scosche

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