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January 23, 2018

In the realm of smart wearables, Skiin’s undergarment is as intimate as it gets. Other companies such as Under Armour and Spire have also tried their hands at smart clothing but none are as comprehensive as what Skiin is offering.

Imagine having metrics like sleep quality, heart rate, hydration levels, body temperature, activity levels, respiratory rate and even body fat percentage all measured and recorded just by wearing Skiin’s smart undergarment. Yep you heard me right. All the available metrics in a comfortable pair of premium quality under garment which you can wear to sleep, work and even work out to on a daily basis.

skiin underwear and mobile app

The smart undergarment works through a Bluetooth enabled hardware module which is fitted unto the undergarment. According to Skiin, 2 fully charged modules will last a full 24 hours worth of use; probably one for work and another for sleep. In this aspect, I like to think Spire’s smart tags, a comparable product albeit less powerful, have more practical use as their modules does not require charging.

skiin smart underwear

Besides tracking biometrics, the Skiin smart undergarment can also automatically recognise and classify 6 different activities including biking, laying down, walking, running, sitting, standing, with activity profiles to come.

Skiin further promises smart home solutions that play nicely with their smart undergarments – think having Nest adjust the thermostat to your temperature, or a calming Spotify playlist come on when you’re stressed as measured by their smart under garment.

The smart undergarment is slated to ship in summer and it’s not cheap. I’ve balked at anti-bacterial undergarment that go for $50 a piece but Skiin’s offering hits close to $100 for a pack of 4 men’s briefs, smart bra or women’s underwear. The company is offering discounts for pre-orders now and irregardless whether it’s 4 or 8 pack, you’ll still only receive 2 wearable modules per pack along with a wireless charger.

Source: Skiin

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