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April 10, 2020

Updated 21st April 2020

Singapore’s circuit breaker measures as of 7th April has put majority of its population at home, save for the those in the essential services line.

As of publication, all common sports facilities were closed and the population was encouraged to exercise at open air parks – alone, or with family members from the same household, and to keep the social distance.

I was searching for activities for my students to do during this home-based-learning period and chanced upon a number of fitness companies, besides those on YouTube, that have made their premium content available for free during this COVID-19 period. So, I thought I’d list the better ones here.

If any of these help you to stay active when you are home, great. But, please use common sense and choose workouts that are simple for you and only exercise when you are well. Common sense is a pre-requisite in many aspects of life. I’m telling you the same message I tell my students “If you haven’t exercised in a long time, start easy.”

The good thing about home workout is that it doesn’t require a lot of space. If you get 30 minutes of activity a day for the whole week, you have clocked the recommended 150 minutes of MVPA a week.

Some of the free apps I tried kept asking me to sign up for premium content repeatedly so I have decided not to list those. So here are those that I have used and prefer.

Nike Training Club app

I was on the basic version and noticed that the premium version “opened” up when I changed the country to USA instead of Singapore. You can then access the premium content of trainers and programs. I like how the programs are filtered by proficiency levels (beginner to advanced), and from no equipment to some equipment required.

To be honest, the non-premium version is already pretty kick-ass. This is a polished app that’s worth a look. It seems Nike is making the app available for 90 days beginning March 23, 2020

Adidas Training and Adidas Runtastic app

Adidas is giving away 90 days free access to their premium content. It has a number of exercise programs but the unique selling point is how the app can create bespoke training programs for the individual based on your activity levels and so on.

I have only used the pre-created programs. It’s not bad if NTC isn’t your cup of tea. And this 90-days premium offer applies to Adidas Runtastic app as well which you can use when you go for your outdoor runs.


More known for their exercise bikes and treadmills, Peloton extended their app trial to 90 days. The mobile app isn’t available in Singapore but you can still log into their website and access the on-demand and pre-recorded content.

I like it because you get access to the full suite of high-quality exercise workouts and not just a curated list. Requires credit card details to register. Monthly subscription starts after trial.

Les Mills

This international fitness chain has curated a list of on-demand workouts and hosted it on a temporary site. These workouts are usually available to their paying subscribers only.

The workout list includes short programs for children 🙂 It’s great Les Mills thought of the little ones. Very high powered, adrenaline pumping workouts if those run-of-the-mill HIIT can’t satisfy the endorphin craving athlete-wannabe in you.

ActiveSG Easy exercises for seniors

ActiveSG has a specific playlist of videos that caters to those who are 40 and above. I know there are a lot of 40-year-olds out there who can benefit from this 😛

Not all of us are ready to cardio burn and HIIT for 10-15 minutes. We should know our own baseline fitness levels and start from there. Worth a look.


Down Dog has a series of apps under its name but it is more known for Yoga on demand. From now until 1st May, the company is allowing access to all their apps which includes Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout  . Completely free!

I personally like their HIIT and 7 minute workout apps. You get a trainer demonstrating the moves and doing the workout with you while pop music plays in the background. Another app to explore if you run out of ideas on how to stay active.


Audible is making their vast library of stories free for children everywhere. There’s no mention when this will stop but it’s worth a look. There are books for children, teens, and even classics for adults.

The Audible access is useful when your child needs a break after a full day of home-based learning and homework. Good for adults as well since there’s a good chance you are filled to the mental-brim with Korean drama, Netflix, and whatever is out there vying for your attention. We all need peace and a bit of imagination.

Esplanade Off-stage

It’s hard to find quality materials to engage children meaningfully. Until I chanced upon Esplanade Off-stage “Student guides” and “Educator resources.

To give you an idea, here are some of the better guides I found inside the site:

  • Guide to Ballet
  • 101 guide to chinese opera
  • Fabulous fun with hand gestures and movements (my favourite!)

Of course there are also many interesting things that will engage the adult as well at the main Esplanade off-stage site. Worth a look for your children and yourself! The depth of materials isn’t extensive but should suffice for a day or two worth of quality engagement.

I’ll update this article if I chance upon more quality activities.

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