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December 11, 2017

Strava is just about the only fitness focused mobile app I’ve regularly used on both Android and iPhone over the years. I went premium twice before getting a reality check that the complimentary subscription more than sufficed my aspiring athletic needs.

In a recent article in Business Insider, the company gave a glimpse into their plans for 2018 and it has a lot more to do with enhancing the social experience than just workout recording.

You might have noticed that on top of recording or posting a manual workout, you’re now able to upload non-workout related posts such as a text with a title or even a picture. Giving us a hint that this new direction seem a lot like Facebook and Instagram.

As to what brought about the emphasis on social media sharing, the addition of Kevin Weil to the board of Strava, along with the appointment of James Quarles as the new CEO might have something to do it; Quarles was previously VP of Instagram while Weil was VP of product at Twitter before moving on to head of product at Instagram.

Strava has always been a platform for runners and cyclists and there’s no better way to mold a closer knit community than to give them their own social network platform. The key difference is basically the demographics of its users as compared to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I don’t think I’m wrong to assume people paying premium for a Strava service are pretty serious about their workouts compared to your regular guy.

And because it doesn’t make any hardware on its own (think NB Run IQ and Amazfit Pace) and isn’t owned by any of the big companies; Endomondo is owned by Under Armour, Runkeeper by Asics, Runtastic by Adidas and so on. Strava is naturally the fitness app inclusion choice for most hardware makers. Plus it helps that Strava syncs with an extensive list of fitness platforms and wearables.

Source: Business Insider, Road.CC

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