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January 9, 2018

Suunto just announced a new addition to their stable of fitness wearables which is surprisingly not under the Spartan family. After an entire suite of Spartan devices with the latest being the Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR Baro (SSSWHRB) clocking in at a full 6 words, the latest wearable is sensibly named Suunto 3 Fitness.

The partnership with Firstbeat returns after being absent with Suunto’s Spartan series.

suunto 3 fitness first feature

One of the new feature is Sleep Quality Assessment which is based on HRV readings and reveals the amount of recovery during sleep. Along with Firstbeat, Suunto has also continued to utilise Valencell tech in its optical HR sensors. So this can only point to one thing – Valencell’s HRV readings are deemed good enough for Firstbeat to crunch recovery numbers.

I’ve seen performance of wrist based HR monitors fall short when not worn properly. So you can imagine my skepticism when any wearable, I assume loosely and comfortably worn during sleep, is capable of calculating HRV in such situations. That being said, I reserve my judgement on the Suunto 3 Fitness until I do get a unit for thorough use.

suunto 3 fitness profile

The other novel feature is the adaptive training guidance. By determining if you’re keen to maintain or improve your fitness levels, the watch will automatically create personalised 7 day training program by relying on the expert training advice and ongoing analysis of your personal training data. 

Suunto 3 Fitness features:

  • Adaptive training guidance
  • All day activity tracking with steps, calories and sleep
  • Built-in sport modes for running, swimming, cycling, gym training and many more
  • Accelerometer-based speed, pace and distance for walking and running
  • Water resistant to 30 meters, swimming proof

The lack of mention of GPS/GLONASS coupled with “accelerometer-based speed, pace and distance for walking and running” gives me the impression this is one of the rare watches in Suunto’s stable that’s not geared intended for outdoor usage – usually something with navigation capability.

suunto 3 fitness family

The Suunto 3 Fitness watch will be available in Spring at the RRP of 229€ for the  gold or black plated stainless steel bezels and pushers. Black, Ocean and Sakura will have a RRP of 199€.

Interestingly, Suunto has stated that the Suunto 3 Fitness watch will sync with the all-new Suunto app and not the Movescount app. Perhaps this is something positive for the rest of us Suunto device owners to look forward to if the mentioned app is also compatible with other Suunto wearables.

Suunto has promised full product details at a later date. I’ll leave this post as a placeholder and update when I see any.

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