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December 20, 2017

I wasn’t intending to put up any more posts until January 2018 but an update from Suunto caught my eye and I figured better now than two weeks later! Back in early 2017, Suunto announced their Movesense hardware; a tiny wearable that resembles the company’s HR smart sensor belt. So it seems Suunto has been improving the platform and gaining traction the whole of this year and they are ready to show their stuff come CES 2018.

The Movesense all-in-one motion sensor basically allows companies who are keen to enter the fitness wearables scene a head-start by skipping all the intricacies of building hardware from scratch. Think of it like the multitude of mobile devices running Android OS with each having their own style and intricacies. Something like that.

There were already 2 companies that have gone full scale ahead with the all-in-one sensors – ReimaGO produces wearables solutions for kids while Kaunila provides wearables solutions for animal well-being.

Come January, Suunto will be showcasing another four companies at CECS 2018 that have tapped on their sensor platform to deliver unique wearables experiences. The four companies are:

Ain1.ai: A human performance and measurement application

Runteq: Intelligent running exercise and technique coach

SUPABody-sensing analytics kits featuring apparel

TriMix: Tri-Fitness at home

Suunto Movesense sensor technical features:

  • 9-axis motion sensor: 3 x accelerometer, 3 x gyroscope, 3 x magnetometer
  • Heart rate
  • 1-wire extension bus interface through Movesense connector
  • In-built memory for logging data
  • Bluetooth® Smart compatible
  • Software tools for developing applications that run inside the sensor
  • Wireless firmware update with BLE

suunto movesense

“With Movesense, we’re sharing our hardware development experience with companies to help them shave years off the R&D process. Hundreds of businesses—both startups and established companies—already have access to Movesense. With its well-managed API, these companies can build new sensor functionality to quickly commercialize their own sensor concepts. In a sense, we’re democratizing the development of sensor functions.” said Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts at Movesense.

On it’s own, the wearable is unlikely to excite end consumers but the benefits for developers are clearly immense; whether it’s partnering, using or simply developing with Suunto’s Movesense.

Source: Business Wire

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