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March 5, 2017

Suunto has been sending out surveys and product updates via email to the owners of their Spartan watch series regularly ever since the product was released about 6 months. Back then, I promptly returned the Suunto Spartan Sport GPS watch after experiencing first hand how poorly implemented the software and mobile app integration were.Suunto Spartan sport featureIt’s been 6 months and software updates appear to have improved the usability of the device by leaps and bounds. Here’s the list of improvements to the Suunto Spartan Sport GS watch since release in Q4 2016. If you’d like to see the full features of the Suunto Spartan watch series, you can access it here.

  • GPS improvements and GLONASS support
  • Sport mode customisation (Up to 7 data fields per screen)
  • Customise pool length
  • Graphs in factory sport modes (activity and summary) for Speed, HR and Altitude
  • Identify and save Points of Interest in Navigation view
  • Progress tool and bests on Suunto Movescount
  • Active & metabolic energy resources to show energy consumption from exercise & step count

There are also a few upcoming updates in store which would “complete” Suunto Spartan watches in becoming a credible all day activity tracker cum multi sport GPS watch.

I still hold my reservation with regard to value for price of the wearable; the Suunto Spartan Sport being priced at RRP of $599. It has since been listed with substantial discount on Amazon. I’ve also seen the same device being offered for a mere $300, brand new, on Ebay bundled with chest strap HR monitor.

Garmin and Polar are no longer the only competition now that Android Wear 2.0 has pretty much given smart watches a steroid boost with laser focus on fitness with the likes of New Balance RunIQ and Huawei Watch 2. And the Apple Watch Series 2 is pretty much in sales stratosphere with the impending arrival of the Series 3.

If only the present state Suunto Spartan watches were the ones Suunto released 6 months ago, it might have made a huge difference with the initial reception.

In the mean time, don’t write off the Suunto Spartan Sport yet.


  • Reply the5krunner March 5, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    yep, you’re right. the GPS accuracy is now VERY GOOD (better than any Garmin I’ve tested) and fellrnr agrees. obviously there is still some stuff missing. thanks for pointing out the customised pool length I’d missed that one and thought it was NOT on the roadmap..oh well. now I know! with stryd and a customised run profile it’s good to go and I generally use it now as my main run watch (there are better run watches for functionality obviously). Main issue for me is inability to two bits of data that come from the same single sensor eg sport cannot receive power AND stridelength/cadence from stryd right now

    • Reply Michael S March 5, 2017 at 3:00 pm

      After having returned mine, I just bought another for $300. It’s a very good deal considering the vendor threw in a HR monitor strap as well!

      Will see how good it finally is now.

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