Swatch Touch Zero One

March 11, 2015

Dig, set, spike, block and cheer. With a few claps of encouragement thrown in and an ice cold drink, beach volleyball is really the perfect sport for the sand. Swatch is capitalising on this with the Swatch Touch Zero that is built specifically for beach volleyball players.

From measuring the power of the spikes to the number of steps taken, users can even pick a virtual coach with the free Touch Zero One app!

List of features:

  • Tracks steps, power hits, number and types of hits, claps, distance travelled and calories burned
  • Curved touchscreen
  • Built-in backlight
  • Finger-tap
  • Side-swipe access to six timing functions.
  • Syncs wirelessly to compatible smartphone devices
  • Waterproof
  • Swiss made
  • Battery life lasting months


The Swatch Touch Zero One runs on a standard Swatch battery that Swatch claims will last for months. I think any watch that does not require daily charging is a good thing. Interestingly, most established volleyball players don’t wear watches during game play because of the contact zone during a digging action.

As of press, the Swatch Touch Zero One is rumoured to retail at $160 by A blog to Watch.



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