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February 8, 2017

Four months ago, TomTom gave us their Touch Cardio + Body Composition fitness tracker which added body fat percentage estimation through Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) on top of all day activity tracking. Today, the company announced the TomTom Touch Cardio to their lineup; essentially a Touch Cardio + Body Composition without the body fat percentage measurement and minor aesthetic changes.

The TomTom Touch Cardio is only the third wearable from the company to feature a wrist band design. The first being the TomTom Touch, followed by the version with body composition measurement.

Intended for those who are looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle and make sense of their activity levels, this entry level wearable boasts a new elegant design for everyday wear.

“We know that many people don’t necessarily see exercise as an activity as such, but rather as an integrated part of their daily lives. They try to stay fit and healthy by walking, taking the stairs and doing groceries. We are extending our TomTom Touch range with this accessible fitness tracker to help more people understand how fit they are and inspire them to take that first step towards a more active lifestyle,” says Corinne Vigreux, co-founder and Managing Director TomTom Consumer.”

TomTom Touch Cardio Features

  • Wrist based heart rate measuremens
  • Tracks steps, calories burned, sleep and active time

The fitness band syncs readily with the revamped TomTom Sports App where users can browse their activity trends and access rich social sharing functions.

The TomTom Touch Cardio will be available globally in March 2017 and will retail at £89.99.

Interestingly, with the arrival of Android Wear 2.0 hardware, the reduction of Fitbit’s work force, and an unprecedented sales figures of the Apple Watch Series 2, it remains to be seen how fitness focused wearables will jostle for a space in this landscape.

Source: TomTom, Pocket Lint

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