Tory Burch Fitbit Collection

July 19, 2014

Since February, we’ve been rubbing our hands eagerly wondering what might birth from the marriage of fashion and fitness. The much anticipated Tory Burch Fitbit collaboration to release a line of accessories for the Fitbit Flex starts with the launch of four pieces of accessories.

The collection features a bracelet, a necklace and two silicon printed bands that feature the Tory Burch signature and gives the dated Fibit Flex a new lease of life.

silicon tory burch band

Fuchsia and Navy silicon printed bands from the Tory Burch Fitbit collection. Priced at $38 each.

brass collection tory burch

The metal hinged bracelet ($195) and metal fret pendant ($175) are constructed from brass.

Sport looking bands and trackers are just not for all occasions. While practical for the sweaty workouts, a fancy dinner warrants something more formal than a bright violet silicon sports band. Kudos to Fitbit for the move to blend the tracker into our daily lives and occasion.

The  Tory Burch Fitbit might have come a season late but staying fit has never gone out of style.



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