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April 21, 2016

If you play Baseball, Softball, Tennis or Golf, you might have heard of the Zepp smart coach system. The multi sports sensor is a coin like device that you place at the end of your sport apparatus where it’ll track your swings. The company has just released an improved Zepp 2 system promising 8 hours of battery life, shorter charging duration and most importantly, improved accuracy with the addition of an extra 3D gyroscope over the previous model.zepp-2-on-golf-and-softball-batsIn the case of Softball, you’d be placing the Zepp 2 sensor at the knob with an exernal mount. As you go about your training or game, the Zepp would then transmit the tracked swing stats to a connected mobile device which you can see instantaneously, and make improvements to your game. Stats tracked include bat speed at impact, time to impact, attack angle and many more.

When using Zepp Golf 2, players attach the sensor to the golf glove. The sensor is identical, only he mount or clip differs based on the sport you’re playing.zepp-screen-grabsI personally own the original Zepp tracker which I use for Softball and I can tell you it’s a joy to use. Connectivity is flawless and the tracked stats appears instantaneously.

The information is overwhelming for a newbie but fortunately Zepp Labs knows and further augments the device with a wealth of coach tips that includes videos and even drills on how to improve.

Names like Mike Trout, Jennie Finch, John Mallee, and Tim Walton will provide guidance for softball and baseball whereas Michelle Wie, Keegan Bradley, Rick Smith and Pat Shea offers guidance for golfers to improve their game.

The improvements does not just stop at the hardware and addition of new professional players and coaches. Zepp labs is also introducing fitness training plans to help improve the users flexibility and core strength; two key aspects of a powerful swing.

Coaches would be happy to know that there’s a new feature that allows a coach to “track the season”of the athlete; exclusive feature for softball and baseball sport.

Currently, the Zepp 2 multi sport sensor works for Softball, Baseball and Golf only. Tennis players will have to rely on the original Zepp sensor.

The Zepp 2 is available on major retailers and online channels at the RRP of $149.99.

Source: Zepp

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