UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped running shoes.

March 17, 2016

Imagine a pair of shoe that tracks all your run stats such as cadence, duration, distance and splits, syncs with a prominent mobile app and requires no battery charging. Imagine no further, you can have access to the UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped running shoes at the price of $149.99. Now.

Announced at the CES 2016, the UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped officially went on sale from end February 2016.

The UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped shoe is a straight forward solution to an age old problem. As much as I hate to see steps go unaccounted, there are those occasions when a GPS enabled heart rate monitoring activity tracking smart watch just doesn’t fit in. Yet it’s a no brainer everyone takes the trouble to wear sports shoes during  runs. So UA went ahead and created a pair of running shoe that doubles as a wearable activity tracker!UA-Speedform-Gemini-2-Record-Equipped-shoe-viewsBy connecting to the Mapmyrun mobile app which Under Armour purchased in 2013, users can see their distance, cadence, duration of runs and splits when running with the UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped.UA-healthbox-in-packageThe tracking device is embedded within the shoe and battery life is estimated to last beyond the shoe’s life. Once you reach 400 miles of running with the UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped, you’ll be notified that it’s time to swap out for a new pair.

At $149.99 per pair, the UA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped isn’t exactly cheap so this might not be the shoe for those of you running for performance enhancement.

Heart rate monitoring is absent and in order to fully exploit the capability of the shoe, it must be tethered and connected to Mapmyrun mobile app which implies the need to carry a mobile device on the runs.womens-UA-speedform-gemini-recordUA Speedform Gemini 2 Record-Equipped running shoe is available at select Under Armour onlines stores in Graphite for men and Steel for women.

Source: Under Armour

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