UP Coffee App For The Caffeine Enlightened

March 8, 2014

Jawbone released a standalone app recently for the caffeine addicted or should i say, caffeine enlightened. I don’t count myself a heavy drinker of coffee but i do need my daily cuppa in the morning, afternoon and later afternoon. Black, with 2 cubes of brown sugar for connoisseur wannabe in me. So i was pretty thrilled to hear about this standalone app (or companion app if you currently use the UP app) from Jawbone. The interface is beautiful, just like the Jawbone UP app for the company’s line of activity trackers.

Left: Interface when phone is placed standing up. Right: Interface when the phone is placed flat.

Left: Interface when phone is placed standing up. Right: Interface when the phone is placed flat.

Contrary to the name, the app tracks your daily intake of caffeinated beverages ranging from coffee, tea to sodas and energy drinks, not just coffee. Interface is simple to understand. A round flask holds a mixture of globules that signify the caffeinated beverages for the day. The more you drink, the more it fills up. The app is slightly playful as well with the globules in the flask “swirling” around as you tilt your phone.

up coffee 2

Adding cups of caffeinated beverages increases the brown globules in the round flask and throttles the edginess meter.

up coffee 5

Curious to find out what happens, i added coffee by the grande cup to receive this warning. Nice. I’m officially edgy, full round flask with a delayed “Sleep Ready” time. at 1:43  am.

Your time to hit the sack is set by you and the app will do its work. Drink too much or too close to your bed time and you’ll see the  “Ready to Sleep” circle postpone the time from that which you set.

The time which the app determines you’re sleep ready is also dependent on your height, weight and caffeine sensitivity which you determine under the “settings” screen. Point to note I have a colleague who’s pretty much immune to effects of caffeine; the guy drinks a cup at 10pm and goes straight to bed, and another who feels her heart racing even with a single cup.

up coffee 3

Coffee wisdom and the ubiquitous tracking charts.

What i particularly like about the app is the bite sized bits of wisdom on a daily basis. Sharing is easy and simple. This is also the most important factor why i personally find the Jawbone UP Coffee app and the Jawbone UP app very informative.

up coffee 4

You can refer to records for past day caffeine intake. I’m looking forward to what UP Coffee is going to tell me after days of tracking.

I’ve been on the app for less than 24 hours but i’m curious where this would lead to. In my case, I’ve linked the UP coffee app to my Jawbone UP app.


Once i link my UP app to my UP Coffee app, a new icon appears on my UP dashboard. And the time i drank my caffeinated beverages is promptly displayed on the “Recent Activities.”

Photo 8-3-14 15 22 39

Clicking on the green cup icon brings up details of the 2 caffeinated drinks i had. Very cool.

Hopefully the two apps can make sense of my tracked stats and better my sleep. I’ll post an update once UP Coffee surfaces more information. Presently the app is only available on the iOS platform.

Meanwhile, it’s time for my daily dose of enlightenment.



  • Reply Matt March 15, 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Would be interesting to incorporate pre-workout drinks that contain relatively large portions of caffeine, too.

    • Reply Michael S March 16, 2014 at 5:22 am

      Actually it does. The selection is not huge but you do get some sodas and drinks like Red bull.

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