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March 28, 2017

Upright Go is the solution to the increasing need for ‘screen slouch’ fixes. I’m sure we all have those days when our upper back torments us after an entire day of work in front of the screen. For me, a lacrosse ball massage or online exercises usually offer temporary relief even though I’m sure the root cause is prolonged poor posture.

The new Upright Go is designed to be an easy to self-apply wearable for the upper back. Unlike its predecessor, the Upright Go can now be used whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or driving. And due to its placement, the Upright Go’s focus is now the upper back and neck pains which are caused by prolonged use of screens and mobile devices due to bad posture. upright go focus on upper backAlso this edition does away with disposable adhesive pads and opts for reusable medical silicone hypoallergenic double-sided soft stickers that lasts an average of 15 applications, or about 2-3 weeks with regular use. According to Upright, the adhesive pads will work with hair or sweat.

With the wearable device attached on the upper back and a custom app that prescribes an individualised programme, Upright Go promises an effortless 2 weeks to a screen-slouch free you.

Upright Go Features:

  • Trains & tracks while sitting, standing, walking, moving & on the go
  • Just turn on & go
  • Easy one-time calibration
  • Reusable sticker lasting 15 applications
  • Worn discreetly on the upper back
  • 8 hours of continous use on 45 minutes of charge
  • Bluetooth Low Energy

Upright Go on upper backMost wearables serve the purpose of tracking stats and providing feedback which users can then decipher to make sense of their lifestyle. These stats could be step count, heart rate zones, active minutes or even activity duration. In the case of the original Upright Posture trainer, it was vibration buzzes once the user deviates from the preset ideal posture. And with the Upright Go, the modus operandi is similar though the area of focus is now the upper instead of the lower back.

Wearables such as these from Upright are not meant to cure postural issues but instead inculcate good habits and core strength over time which may eventually aid in the adoption of good posture. You can read my review of the original Upright Posture trainer where I completed an entire training course with the wearable.

The Kickstarter campaign has commence and you can snag yourself a unit at $59 with shipping date projected in June 2017. As of publication, the company has already reached their goals just an hour into crowdfunding efforts.

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