Vinaya Studio wants you off your phone Altruis-tically.

November 5, 2015


Connect to Disconnect

Sounds contradictory doesn’t it? I suppose we’ve all been guilty of being connected to our mobile devices during outings with friends and even over dinner chatter. Unhealthy? Yes. Inevitable? Not really, if you have the strength of the incredible hulk to pry the phone from the hands or the death stare of a significant other. The rest of us are pretty much resigned to gluing our eyes to the screen while the mouth chomps overpriced greens mindlessly; the body nourishes while the mind rots.


I chanced upon Vinaya Studio while trawling the net for the next interesting wearable tech device. The concept is simple and ALTRUIS-tic, pun intended. Employing the very technology that silos us to make us more human. The tech design house’s first product, ALTRUIS, aims to help you keep your mind away from your smartphone device so that you can focus on what’s important.


The Altruis line of accessories, rings, bracelets and necklaces, connects to your smart phone devices and only alerts you when filtered notifications come in, notifications which you can customise and set. For example, you could decide the really important notifications you would like to receive and have the Altruis accessory vibrate to alert you.

List of features:

  • Bluetooth-enabled connected jewellery.
  • Notification filters for email, text, calls, WhatsApp, iOS calendar.
  • ALTRUIS app (requires iPhone 4S or newer) downloadable via the App Store.
  • Create Profiles such as ‘work’ or ‘family’ that filter by contacts and notification type.
  • Add Secret Words to receive a vibration when it’s included in a text, WhatsApp or email subject line.
  • Ongoing firmware upgrades and feature extensions.
  • Up to 1 month battery life and rechargeable via USB.

Vinaya-appYou can also set up “secret words” so that the Altruis app will scan through your notifications and alert you only when these secret words come up. I thought this was ingenious; Having the luxury to focus on the present knowing that the important notices won’t be missed. Currently the Altruis app is available for compatible iOS devices only with the Android version being worked on.


Here’s the other good news, the modular stone that houses all the technology lasts about a month on a single charge and takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

The Altruis collection range from $345 for a silver white ring to $430 for a black and gold necklace. Vinaya Studio, based in London, ships their products globally. Read more here.

Source: Vinaya


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