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January 29, 2017

WELT is a Samsung C-Labs project co-founded by a medical doctor with years of experience working at Samsung. It was first introduced at CES 2016 a year back and subsequently crowdfunded on Indiegogo where the company successfully doubled it’s goal requirements.

WELT may look like a normal fashionable belt but simplicity belies the capability of this piece of wearable. The belt can track steps taken and sitting duration, automatically measure waist size throughout the day, and have all the tracked stats synced to a companion mobile app for review. To make analysis of tracked stats a no brainer, the mobile app is designed to display the stats on a single page with progress differentiated by colour.

Over time, the WELT Smart Belt will personalise health goals for the user based on recorded stats.

Based on the appearance, the WELT Smart belt is clearly designed as a dress belt for men. Perhaps in due time, there may be alternatives for women as well.

WELT Smart Belt Features:

  • Senses waist size from 28 to 44 inches
  • Keeps track of rapid variations in waist size to monitor patterns of overeating
  • Tracks steps taken
  • Calculates sitting duration *(Stationary state included)
  • 30 days battery life on a single charge
  • iOS and Android compatible
  • Wirelessly transfers data via BLE

The belt is probably the only one in the wide spectrum of wearable products. While wearables have vied for estate from the wrist and ears to feet, the waist domain has largely been left undisturbed.It’s ingenious what the founders of this smart belt have done; offer an discreet activity tracking alternative in an work environment while leaving the wrists to flaunt pricey timepieces.

As of publication, the WELT smart belt has already commenced shipping. Early bird prices are no more but you can still snag yourself one for $149.

Source: WELT

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