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April 12, 2020

I was preparing some materials for my students to highlight what happens to the body when they move versus when they don’t. To do that, I recorded my own heart rate while working at a desk for 15 minutes. Followed by a mobility workout from NTC app (Nike Training Club) for 15 minutes. The workout is simple and suitable for beginners. In fact, all I did was get up and stretched parts of my body by following the workout for 15 minutes.

The selected workout is called Joint mission and is focused on flexibility and active recovery with no equipment required. Think knee hugs, slow lateral squats, world’s best stretch and so on. Exactly the type of activities we need after sitting around for long duration at home. And more so during this Circuit Breaker Home-based learning period.

So, here it is.

The conclusion? Any movement is better than none.

In my case, the mobility workout burned 3 times the calories compared to my desk-bound state. And i literally felt better and more alert after just 15 minutes of activity. There are a lot more benefits I didn’t list but you get the idea.


If you are at a loss for ideas on how to stay active, you may want to check out this list of exercise apps offering free premium access during this COVID-19 period.

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