Withings Activite Pop

January 5, 2015

Hot on the heels of the Activite watch, Withings has just released a range of colourful analog watches with built in activity tracking; the Withings Activite Pop.

Colourful, lightweight and every bit a smart tracker. The Activite Pop adorns the wrist without screaming fitness tracker.


At a third of the price of the Activite watch, the $149.95 Activite Pop automatically recognises running and swimming, monitors sleep and wakes the wearer with a gentle vibration, monitor goals, tracks steps and vibrates when goal is achieved. A single watch battery powers the Activite Pop for up to 8 months. Oh and did I mention the Activite Pop is water resistant up to 30 meters?

Finally a decent looking watch with fitness tracking functions  that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.


Withings Activite Pop is available from 5th Jan at Bestbuy in very limited quantities at $149.95. It will be available at Best Buy stores nationwide and online in March 2015.

The Activité Pop is available in Azure, Shark Grey and Sand.

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