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June 26, 2014
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Withings Activité timepiece; fitness tracker, watch, health mate.

Withings, the company that brought us the Pulse and the Smart Body Analyzer, announced that they will be releasing a new product, the Withings Activité; a marriage between haute couture and technology.

Understanding the fact that not everyone wants to wear a LCD screen watch that screams “look at me and my smartwatch”,  Withings is catering to the group of consumers who want to be discreet and stylish, yet fancy the health tracking functions of a fitness tracker.

The Withings Activité is made from premium materials. We’re talking stainless steel 316L, unbreakable sapphire glass and a leather strap from “Tanneries Haas.” The watch itself is designed in Paris and made in Switzerland.

The Withings Activité has an analogue face but don’t be fooled. There are two dials. One to tell time and the other smaller dial to indicate progress towards your fitness goals. (That goes from 0-100)  There’s also a plastic watch strap for sports and underwater use. A list of some of the features in the Withings Activité  include:

  • An advanced accelerometer that tracks your walks, runs and even swims.
  • Automatic sleep monitoring, including time to sleep, length or sleep and quality of sleep in terms of light and deep sleep.
  • Smart vibration that alerts you to wake up gently.
  • Automatic updating of time when you switch time zones
  • Standard watch battery that powers the Withings Activité for a year.
  • Water resistant (5 ATM).
  • Tapping  to change between modes.

8.Withings_Activité_Health Mate_timeline copyLike the Withings Pulse, the Withings Activité connects seamlessly with the Withings Healthmate app. You can see that swimming is now a tracked activity. Unfortunately heart rate and blood oxygen level, which was a big draw in the Withings Pulse, is not one of the listed features.

The Withings Activité will go on sale from selected retail partners and on from August 2014 at £320.

I once asked a confidante of mine who works in the fashion industry on which of my trackers she finds aesthetically pleasing.

Her reply? ” They’re all ugly.”

Perhaps her views might change with the Withings Activité. Perhaps.

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