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January 11, 2020

At CES 2020, one of the products that caught my eye was the Withings ScanWatch. If the watch indeed does what it says it claims to, a shakeup in the wearable industry is certainly coming.

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The Withings Scanwatch is able to detect ECG, provide irregular heart rhythm alerts, and detect sleep apnea! The key lies in the combined heart rate and SpO2 sensor, kind of like what Garmin has done with its latest line of watches though Garmin hasn’t said anything about sleep apnea detection. Even Fitbit, one of the first fitness wearable companies to hint about the potential of sleep apnea detection in 2017, has not confirmed this feature in its wearables to date even after clinical trials. Over at Apple, even after 5 series of smart watches, there is nary a mention of sleep tracking. What Withings intends to accomplish with their ScanWatch is indeed groundbreaking.

The Scanwatch will also feature all the activity tracking capabilities with multi-sport tracking, connected GPS, fitness scores, altimeter, and water resistant to 50m for swimming.

Withings has also done away with touch display and implemented a press-able crown. And all ScanWatch models will come with premium Sapphire glass.

Sleep has always been a keen interest of mine and I count myself lucky to have used products like the Oura ring, tried Polar Nightly recharge and Sleep Plus tracking, Garmin’s advanced sleep monitoring, Firstbeat’s sleep quality and so on. Not one claimed to detect sleep apnea until Withings’ Scanwatch.

While the watch is still under development and has yet to receive FDA and CE Medical certifications, it is certainly a bold claim and I look forward to the materialisation of this feature with excitement. Like the proliferation of optical HR sensors in just a few years, I can only imagine the same for sleep apnea detection if and when it happens.

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