Withings Thermo launches exclusively at Apple.

July 24, 2016

Released exclusively at Apple retail and online stores, the FDA cleared Withings Thermo is going to change the way you take your temperature.

Withings Thermo lays claim to be the first non-intrusive thermometer with Wifi capabilities. You don’t have to worry about cross contamination with saliva, ear wax or other bodily fluids; the Withings Thermo requires no contact with the skin to function.withings-thermo-on-hand16 infrared sensors take over 4000 measurements to identify the hottest point on the forehead in just two seconds with Withings’ patented hotspot technology.withings-thermo-app-with-thermiaThe readings are automatically synced to the Withings Thermo app and Apple Health app as records over time. There’s also in-app advice provided by Thermia, a service from Boston Children’s Hospital, where users can easily access information on medications and dosages.

Up to 8 user profiles will be supported by Thermo. Names can be assigned and the any readings taken will appear within the correct profile in app.


  • Non intrusive, no contact required
  • Instant feedback on along with colour coded LED lights
  • Patented Hotspot technology takes 4000 readings in 2 seconds to identify hottest point
  • WIFI and Bluetooth enabled
  • Readings are synced to mobile app
  • Dedicated Thermo app with in-app advice provided by Thermia, a service from Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Vibrates twice when reading is completed
  • Supports up to 8 users


A thermometer is not something we use on a regular basis but this is different for families with babies or children. Withings has clearly put thought into allaying the concerns of the parents with the Thermia app and the comfort of the child with the non-intrusiveness.

If you’ve got $99.95 to spare, you can measure your temperature with the best that tech has to offer with Withings Thermo.

Source: Withings

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