Xiaomi Miband 2

June 7, 2016

Xiaomi’s latest activity tracker adds an OLED screen and promises more accurate activity tracking at a ridiculous price of just $23. The new Xiaomi Miband 2 is the first of the Miband product line to sport a screen.

Press pictures seem to suggest the OLED screen fills up only a tiny percentage of the entire face of the Miband 2 activity tracker.Xiaomi-miband-2-feature-4The new Miband 2 activity tracker has a single capacitive button on the face that allows the use to toggle between stats; you can also access the display through tapping the screen.

Xiaomi has promised more accurate activity tracking with improved algorithms. Based on my own experience with the Miband 1S,  the issue is not with the step count but the heart rate monitoring accuracy. The Miband 1S was only capable of indicating heart rate on demand.

We should be able to expect an improvement since the new Miband 2 appears to be capable of monitoring heart rate and estimating running pace during activity.Xiaomi-miband-2-sleepingOther features such as smart notifications, sleep tracking, changeable wrist straps and sedentary alerts are ubiquitous by today’s standards.

The Miband 2 fitness tracker has a 20 days battery life span and is rated IP67.

List of features:

  • All day activity tracker
  • Measures step count, heart rate, sleep, distance, calories
  • Estimates pace during runs
  • 20 days battery life
  • Vibration enabled for alarms, smart notifications and sedentary alerts
  • IP67 certified
  • OLED display

Xiaomi-miband-2-feature-3The issue with the Xiaomi Miband series of trackers isn’t so much the hardware, it’s the mobile app that really falls flat when it comes to user experience.

While I applaud the company for being able to squeeze the essential features into a dirt cheap wrist tracker, I usually find myself ditching it for more well designed devices such as those from Fitbit, Garmin or Polar.Xiaomi-miband-2-changeable-bandsIf you’re keen, Xiaomi’s latest tracker goes on sale from 7th June 2016 at the price of $23. As of publication, it seems there are 4 colours of changeable wrist straps; black, navy, lime and orange.

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