Xiaomi Mituwatch -Smart Watch for Kids

April 30, 2016

With their low cost phones to the now famous Miband and the successor that comes with an optical heart rate sensor, Xiaomi is not stranger to pushing out wares that shake up the industry. Just today, they released a smart watch designed specifically for kids called the Mituwatch.

The Mitu in this context refers to Xiaomi’s mascot which directly translates to rice bunny.Xiaomi-mituwatch-3While it remains debatable when’s the right age to give the child a smartphone in the formative years with some parents citing the need to stay connected with their child, the Mituwatch skillfully sidesteps the issue by allowing the child to contact the parents in the event of an emergency sans a smartphone.

With on board GPS and GLONASS chipset, the Bluetooth enabled Mituwatch allows the child to contact the parents with a press of the SOS button. The child can then record a 7 seconds audio clip which will be sent to the parent.

Unlike other GPS tracking devices for children on the market that charges a monthly subscription fee, the Mituwatch is bundled with a $10 Mi phone card that will be utilised when making calls and sending real time GPS locations; no subscription whatsoever.Xiaomi-Mituwatch-feature-2Parents can also set up a security area, I’m assuming it’s like Geo-fence, for their child and be notified when the kids leaves designated location. Up to 12 emergency contacts can be added to the accompanying mobile app and contacted in the event of an emergency.

Besides SOS function, the Mituwatch will also track the child’s activity levels and monitor sleep.Xiaomi-Mituwatch-chargingThe Mituwatch core is encased within an ABS plastic body with silicon straps. The LED dot matrix display appears to display time and simple shapes such as heart and smiley eyes. The watch unit is packed with a rechargeable 300mAh battery promising up to 6 days of usage.

The Mituwatch is available in blue and pink and is priced at $59.

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