Lenovo fitness tracker SW-B100

October 25, 2014
lenovo sw-b100

The Lenovo SW-B100 is available in black with coloured innings.

Spotted at the FCC just a short while back, Lenovo has officially placed the SW-B100 on their website. Although details and pricing are still not available, it is still possible to get a pretty good idea of the new Lenovo fitness tracker.

A list of the SW-B100 features taken from the Lenovo website.

  • Steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate, sleep
  • Smart device interaction to display call/SMS alert reminder with number or name
  • Alert Reminder: smart clock, appointment alerts/exercise reminders
  • SNS sharing: sharing of track information to main SNS
  • Auto-locking/unlocking of PCs without manually entering passwords

From the description, the tracked stats will also be presented in daily, weekly and monthly version in mobile app. The website also states the compatibility of the SW-B100 with select Android, iOS and Windows based PC.

You can read more here.

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