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August 27, 2014

First announced at CES 2014, the Withings Aura sleep monitoring system consists of a sleep sensor that slips under your mattress and a bedside device that tracks your sleep patterns.

3.Withings_Aura_Sensor copy

The Withings Aura sleep sensor.

The bedside device is a multi-colour LED lamp that supposedly promotes better sleep quality through displaying the correct wavelength of light to promote the body’s secretion of melotonin; the hormone responsible for sleep wake cycle.

withings aura press

Withings Aura bedside device that functions as a hifi speaker, multi coloured LED lamp and alarm clock.

Coupled with delicate sound programs, the Withings Aura replicates the circadian rhythm’s frequency and pattern to relax you while you fall asleep and waking you up at a light sleep cycle to ensure that you feel energised. The data is wirelessly synced with the Healthmate app on your smartphones.

2.Withings_Aura_iphone copy

The Withings Aura sleep monitoring system.

Some features of the Withings Aura:

  • Tracks body movement, breathing cycle and heart rate.
  • Analyzes sound, temperature and light level levels throughout the night.
  • Showcases light, deep and REM sleep, time to sleep, sleep duration, number of wake-ups
  • Bedside device consists of multi-coloured LED, hifi speaker and USB port for charging phone.
  • Dedicated power nap and relaxation programs.
  • Smart time display on bedside device that smoothly disappears.

Currently the Withings Aura only supports iOS. You can read more here

The Withings Aura is priced at $299.95 and is on sale at Withings, Amazon and Apple stores.

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